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Personal Investors

Peer-to-Peer Lenders

Seed Investors

Angel Investors

Venture Capitalists

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Crowdfunding Platforms

Government Programs

Purchase Order Financing

Pre-Sales Financing

Start-up Contests

Entrepreneur Fellowships

Offering a Fulfilled Range of Services

Access to Investment Opportunities

Alternative Investment Guidance

Asset Allocation Strategies

Customized Investment Solutions

Customized Portfolio Management

Due Diligence Services


Educational Programs/Workshops

ESG Integration

Estate Planning

Financial Goal Assessment

Financial Wellness Programs

Fund Marketing & Communication

Fund Strategy Consulting

Investment Policy Development

Manager Selection & Due Diligence

Market Research & Insights

Performance Analytics

Personalized Investment Plan

Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Optimization

Regular Performance Reviews

Regulatory Compliance Support

Risk Management Solutions

Risk Profiling

Strategic Consulting

Tax-Efficient Strategies

Technology Integration

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Engajers Inc. brings you both a micro lens and a bird’s eye view to empower your investment decisions. As an investment consulting company, we flourish by empowering investment decisions; through valuable insights, tangible data, and innovative tactics, enabling your healthy transactions and sustaining your growth alongside with our stakeholders and our investment value chain.