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Engajers Inc. provides common ESG considerations for both investors and fund seekers. ESG considerations are dynamic, and the landscape is continuously evolving. At Engajers Inc., we are committed to keeping you informed about industry best practices and global standards to ensure you an effective ESG integration in your investment decisions and plans.

ESG Guidelines for Investors

Integrate ESG factors into overall investment decision-making processes.

Assess the impact of ESG issues on the financial performance and risk profile of investments.

Encourage active ownership through proxy voting and engagement with investee companies.

Advocate for transparency and disclosure of ESG-related practices.

Evaluate and manage ESG-related risks to the portfolio.

Consider the long-term sustainability of investments in the face of environmental, social, and governance challenges.

Recognize the interests of various stakeholders, including employees, customers, communities, and the environment.

Promote transparency by requiring comprehensive reporting on ESG metrics.

Monitor and evaluate ESG performance regularly.

ESG Guidelines for Fund Seekers

Clearly articulate how ESG factors are integrated into the investment decision-making process.

Demonstrate a commitment to sustainable and responsible investing.

Provide transparent and comprehensive ESG reporting to potential investors.

Disclose relevant ESG metrics and performance data.

Communicate efforts to engage with investee companies on ESG issues.

Showcase the positive impact of investments on environmental, social, and governance dimensions.

Outline strategies for identifying and managing ESG-related risks within the investment portfolio.

Describe how the fund addresses long-term sustainability concerns.

Ensure compliance with relevant ESG regulations and standards.

Stay informed about emerging ESG disclosure requirements.

Engage with stakeholders to understand their concerns and expectations related to ESG issues.

Maintain open communication channels with investors regarding ESG-related practices.

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